Employer-led Solutions to Youth Career Readiness

GPS Education Partners President and CEO Stephanie Reisner, CAPS Network President and Executive Director Corey Mohn, IBM VP Global Education and Workforce Development Lydia Logan, Chica Project Executive Director Zaida Ismatul Oliva, and American Student Assistance SVP of Advocacy and Corporate Social Responsibility Julie Lammers discuss employer-led solutions to youth career readiness at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

Working-to-learn experiences help students build skills employers need and provide businesses with an expanded pipeline of talent. At the same time, they help communities reduce unemployment and attract new businesses. Seems like a win-win. When 79% of high school students say they are interested in a work-based learning experience, why have only 2% completed an internship? What’s stopping more employers from offering these critical experiences? Learn how community and business leaders are working together to tackle the challenge.