Eliminating Friction: Achieving B2B Scale in K12 AD (Leaders of Scale)

Todd Brekhus (Renaissance), James Francis (Screencastify), Jeremy Cowdrey (Weld North Education), Ashley Andersen Zantop (Cambium Learning Group), and Emiliano Abramzon (Nearpod) discuss Eliminating Friction: Achieving B2B Scale in K12 A.D. (Leaders of Scale) at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.Virtual education has achieved a level of scale and innovation unseen before the arrival Covid-19. Schools and educational systems will need to continue to transform to meet the demand created. Join this panel to learn how some industry leaders have brought the scale of B2B to education. How have these industry innovators made use of assessment and analytics to drive growth, all while keeping the interactions between students and educators at the forefront? What are the ways to increase collaboration and motivate organizational change all while initiating large-scale transformation?

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