Education Innovation Showcase Pitch: Launch at Floyd Bennett Field

Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School (New York)

Innovation Name: Launch at Floyd Bennett Field

Description: Launch at FBF aims to reimagine what education looks like, with equity at the heart. In partnership with exceptional local organizations, we are building a transformative education ecosystem in Brooklyn, focused on solving the biggest issues of our time: climate change and systemic racism. Launch at FBF offers a vision for the future of education, workforce development and environmental sustainability, where communities from across the city, country and world gather to learn and co-create a better world

The 2023 Education Innovation Showcase Competition, sponsored by ClassIn, was a global event honoring K-12 systems leaders who are launching and sustaining innovation in their communities. We invited these leaders to submit their innovative ideas for a chance to compete in the Top 10 and pitch their projects live at the Summit to be recognized with awards, including over $50K in cash and prizes for the top innovation.