Creating a Culture of Belonging for Pell Eligible, First Generation Students: The Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago Model

Arrupe College, a two year college founded at Loyola University Chicago in 2015, is an academic community where Pell eligible, undocumented, first generation students feel that they belong. Their sense of belonging has led to academic success and strong retention and completion rates. In addition, Arrupe’s financial model, based on federal and state aid revenue and philanthropy, ensures that students graduate without incurring debt. Last spring, Arrupe founder Fr. Steve Katsouros asked Accenture to conduct a replication feasibility study in response to national requests about scaling Arrupe.

Join Steve and Accenture’s Tim Mould for a discussion about Arrupe’s culture and about possibilities for replication.

Accenture Case Study:

Speaker: Tim Mould

Speaker: Fr. Steve Katsouros, SJ