College as a Benefit: Driving Partnerships Between Higher Education and Corporations

In a world where disruption is happening in almost every workplace, and where competition for good jobs is fierce, professional development is more important than ever before. Recent surveys suggest that giving people the opportunity to upskill is the most important thing companies can do to attract young, talented workers. It can also help future-proof an existing workforce by helping to retain experienced and valuable workers. So how can industry and educators work together in new ways to come up with innovative solutions?

This engaging panel discussion will feature the University of Memphis and their partnership with FedEx; and Pima Community College and their partnership with TuSimple. They will share how they’re building innovative partnerships between industry and educators for the benefit of employees.

Global shipping giant FedEx has partnered with the University of Memphis to allow any front-line employee to complete a postsecondary degree at no cost to them. This revolutionary approach to workplace learning has helped FedEx train and retain thousands of employees in a short time -- and provides a powerful lesson and a path forward as leaders prepare for the future of work.

Pima Community College recently launched the first autonomous driving certificate program for truck drivers, in partnership with self-driving truck company TuSimple. The program will equip truck drivers with the knowledge and skills needed to expand their roles in this new and rapidly growing industry.

Moderator: John Baker


Robert Brown

Ian Roark

Tamera Maresh-Carver

Richard Irwin