College Admissions and Affirmative Action

Tufts University Stern Professor in the Social Sciences Natasha Warikoo, University of San Diego Professor of Law Gail Heriot, Anthem of Us Director Anurima Bhargava, Michael Wang, University of California at San Diego 3rd Year Doctoral Student of Department of Sociology Erick Ramirez, and The Hechinger Report Editor-in-Chief Liz Willen discuss college admissions and affirmative action at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

Affirmative action is on thin ice, admission rates at elite colleges are in the single digits, and COVID-19 worsens challenges faced by applicants from low-income families while heightening the advantages others enjoy. It’s time for a radically reimagined, post-varsity blues college admissions process. Diverse and experienced panelists will share new strategies to help equalize admissions while ensuring colleges remain solvent and maintain academic standards.