ChinaWorld: Homegrown Innovations and Unique Education Models in the Chinese Market

Due to China's particular demographics and education culture, the country's education space has developed differently from other countries. In this session, a unicorn of china's online education, the only Chinese edtech enterprise among the world's top 30 AI startups, China's leading education + AI laboratory, and a cutting-edge company using China's newest and most sought-after business model—paid knowledge sharing—will unveil the mysteries of China's education innovations.

Moderator: Boyu Ning, Founding Partner, BE Capital Panelists/Participants: XIAO Dun, Co-Founder, 17Zuoye, YANG Songfan, AI Lab, TAL Education Group, HUANG Jiajia, CEO and Founder, 51talk, WANG Yi, Founder and CEO, Liulishuo