Centering Around Humanity in AI Development for Education

Staying human in a high-tech society is no easy topic but it's a more essential conversation now than ever. What would humanity-centered educational AI even look like? This powerful fireside chat delves into both the Education and Technology perspectives with Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines (educator for 17 years and President of the Common Ground Foundation) and Rajen Sheth (Google exec known as the Father of Gmail, Google Chrome, and Google apps; CEO of Kyron Learning). Take a front row seat at this fireside chat from the 2023 GSV Leaders Summit moderated by April Montgomery-Goble (Executive Director of KIPP Chicago).

Leaders Summit is a gathering of leaders across the "Pre-K to Gray" learning and skills landscape. In 2023, education innovators met in Nashville, Tennessee for striking conversations about the future of digital learning and workforce skills in a dynamic, rapidly changing global landscape.