Center Stage How Do We Fairly Measure Humans

The question of optimal human assessment is very much a “PreK to Gray” discussion. The process of “sorting” begins very early with assessments in PreK followed by a battery of assessments in K12, post-secondary, and workforce. This impressive group will discuss the “modern” need for sorting, the fallacies of “average”  how measurement should be rethought for the realities of today’s workforce. Can assessment constructively support Bending the Arc of Human Potential for a better world?

Moderator: Brandon Busteed, President, University Partners, Kaplan*


Earl Lewis, Director, Center for Social Solutions, University of Michigan

Todd Rose, director of the Mind, Brain, & Education Program Harvard University and President, Populace

Marten Roorda, CEO, ACT

Frida Polli, CEO, Pymetrics