Can We Finally Use the Proliferated Data to Drive K-12 Outcomes?

GoGuardian Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder Advait Shinde, McGraw Hill School Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Shawn Smith, Learnosity CEO & Co-Founder Gavin Cooney, Edmentum Chief Product Officer Todd Mahler, Dysart Unified School District CIO Diana Hawari, and Renaissance Learning, SVP Product Platform & Interoperability, Lynzi Ziegenhagen at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

Digital solutions produce tons of data and analytics. But how to make sense of it all? Have we truly succeeded in helping educators understand and use data effectively in their work? How can we bring data sources together to personalize for the whole child, deliver a coordinated classroom experience, and improve workflow for educators? New ideas, approaches and a vision for the future of the classroom of data interoperability.