Can We Change the Game and Move from Adaptive to Adaptable Learning?

The growing use of adaptive learning technology has led to significant questions about “walled garden” courseware, data-informed multiple learning paths, and what is needed to create a more integrated, extensible, and adaptable ecosystem. Moving from adaptive to adaptable learning presents greater flexibility to better support institutional, departmental, and faculty goals to improve educational outcomes. An adaptable system could be reconfigured easily by faculty and instructional designers as they experiment and learn what works for students. This has a direct impact on student success and retention. This session will explore what is needed to establish an adaptable learning ecosystem, capable of sharing learning objectives, analytics, and outcomes tied to a specific learning objective (or lesson) supported by multiple instructional resources and assessment activities.

Moderator: Rob Abel, CEO, IMS Global


i) Karen Vignare, Ph.D., Executive Director, Personalized Learning Consortium, The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU)

ii) John Falchi, Director for Special Projects, University of North Carolina System Office

iii) Lou Pugliese, Senior Innovation Fellow, Arizona State University

iv) Andrew Hurst, President, Colorado Technical University (CTU)