Can Today’s HR Tech Stack Meet Tomorrow’s Skills-First Movement?

Additional progress for the skills-first movement will be made possible by the HR technologies that can enable its adoption. We know that technology is essential for HR leaders (and others) to successfully do their jobs when it comes to hiring and advancement. Yet, the technology associated with the skills-first movement isn’t nearly as smooth, intuitive, complete, or trusted as the tech that supports the degree-first paradigm. How do we make sure HR leaders have the tech tools they need to drive the skills-first movement forward? Join us as we set the scene of the current, introduce ambitious technology tools and adaptations (i.e. LERs and ATSs incorporating skill stacks), and showcase exemplary employers who are ahead of the curve in this skills-first technology arena. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of HR tech's key role in the skills-first movement, as well as concrete ideas and inspiring examples to help them reimagine their own HR tech.