Call us Crazy Making the Age of Automation an Opportunity for Women

The huge rise over the past century in the number and percentage of women who work in the U.S., highlighted by more recent nationwide efforts to steer young females toward traditionally male-dominated STEM careers, would appear to give women at least an equal shot at great jobs. But it hasn’t turned out that way — at least not yet. This panel contemplates catalytic forces at work that could propel women to new heights, exploring how the age of automation could finally usher in an age of gender equity and parity for women. Call us crazy but automation could help permanently redefine the contribution of women to the workforce.

Moderator: Emmeline Zhao, Senior Editor of Special Projects, The 74


Haley Shoaf, Vice President of Impact, LaunchCode

Michael Ellison, Founder,

Nathan Martine, Director of Global Thought Leadership, Pearson