Building a Mission Driven Brand

GoGuardian Chief Marketing Officer Kate Beihl, Quizizz CEO & Co founder Ankit Gupta, Scholastic Chief Marketing & Transformation Officer Mary Beech, Sesame Workshop Chief Research Data, & Impact Officer Alison Bryant, Ph.D. BrightCHAMPS Tech Pvt. Ltd. Founder and CEO Ravi Bhushan, and Endeavor Portfolio Lead for Education & Talent Opelo Matome discuss building a mission driven brand at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

Nearly everyone in the education sector is talking about mission, purpose, and even impact. But what do those words really mean when you’re building a company? How can you ensure that your PR and your reality are connected? It’s easy enough to say you’re building a mission-driven company, but in this session, we’ll explore what it takes to really do it.