An AI Curriculum in the K12 Classroom

Exponential technology, particularly artificial intelligence, is improving service delivery in every aspect of life and reshaping the employment landscape. In this session an all star panel will discuss what’s happening, what it means and how to prepare young people. Topics include:  How AI changes what graduates should know and be able to do? What specifically students should know about AI? How to introduce AI into K-12 learning experiences? How to connect youth with smart tools and experts?

Moderator: Tom Vander Ark - Co-Founder, Getting Smart

Panelists/Participants: Tess Posner - CEO, AI4All; Christina Gardner-McCune - Co-Chair, and Director of Engaging Learning Lab, University of Florida; Michelle Zimmerman - Executive Director, Renton Prep Christian School; Andrew Chen - President of Ready AI, Whole Ren Education Group