Alvin Tillery, of Northwestern University, Masterclass: Promoting Racial Equity-- A Guide for Leaders

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the unprecedented growth of the Black Lives Matter movement have generated a national conversation around the persistent racial inequalities that shape life in the United States. Many business and non-profit leaders have joined this conversation by sending thoughtfully-crafted communications and signing pledges to demonstrate their organizations’ commitment to the work of promoting racial equity. While leaders across the country are increasingly expressing a desire to build equitable organizations, they often face challenges to getting started.

This session will provide a working definition of racial equity, describe the specific actions that leaders in corporate and non-profit sectors can take to promote racial equity, and offer metrics for leaders to help them determine whether they are on right track. The session will offer insights from social science research and draw on case studies from the recent experiences of organizations in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

Speaker: Alvin Tillery