Aligning the Planets…Students Are From Mars, Universities Are From Venus

There's a growing skepticism around education as the sole path to a prosperous future. It seems as though students are on one planet and universities are on another. Scott Pulsipher (President of Western Governors University), Lisa Gevelber (Founder of Grow with Google), Patrick Methvin (Director of Postsecondary Success at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) and Michael Sorrell (President, Paul Quinn College) discuss how we might align those planets. What changes do we need in our relationships to better support one another into the new age? Take a front row seat at this panel moderated by Bridget Burns, CEO of the University Innovation Alliance, from the 2023 GSV Leaders Summit.

Leaders Summit is a gathering of leaders across the "Pre-K to Gray" learning and skills landscape. In 2023, education innovators met in Nashville, Tennessee for striking conversations about the future of digital learning and workforce skills in a dynamic, rapidly changing global landscape.