AI's Potential to Transform Education

With the pervasive “AI buzz” in the world, it can be hard to discern the substance from the AI public relations. In education, we are seeing substantive applications for automated grading, autonomous learning, learning nudges for marginalized groups, and teaching assistants amongst many others. This group will discuss the potential and perils for AI in education.

Moderator: Arjun Singh, Vice President, STEM Products and Tech at Turnitin. Co-Founder and CEO, Gradescope (acquired by Turnitin)

Panelists/Participants: John Behrens, Vice President of Product Development, AI Products & Solutions, Pearson; Mark Angel, CEO, Amira Learning, Former CTO Renaissance; Angela Bao, Head of Silicon Valley Research, TAL Education; Emily Glassberg Sands, Senior Director of Data Science, Coursera; Sean Fahey, SVP/Data Science, 2U