A Primer on ChatGPT and the Generative AI Explosion

corise CTO Sourabh Bajaj and Maximal Learning Founder Eran Megiddo share a primer on ChatGPT and the Generative AI explosion at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

What does it mean to build something using AI? From personalizing learning to automating administrative tasks, AI is changing how we teach and learn. This introduction session will dive into how generative AI, which can create content rather than just consume it, is particularly well-suited to education. We will discuss how AI is used in K-12, higher education, and workforce education to create personalized learning experiences, automate administrative tasks, and provide new opportunities for collaboration and engagement. We'll also be discussing the potential challenges of this integration of AI in education and some of the considerations that should be made. Whether you're an educator, administrator, or student, this session is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of AI's role in education and what the future may hold.