A New Open Skills Framework to Help People, Education, and Work Speak the Same Language

Skills has become the dominant theme in many of our education to work discussions. But what do we mean by skills and how can a skills-based language actually help? In this talk our panel will review and discuss the work going on in the world of skills -- including a new open skills library that Emsi has introduced with the goal of  serving as a common language between people looking for work, work looking for people, and educational programs looking to connect people to the labor market. Attend to learn more on how a skills language offers simple and elegant solutions to help (1) colleges improve curriculum, (2) business to create better job postings, and (3) people to articulate valuable skills on resumes and profiles.

Moderator: Tyce Henry

Panelists: Andrew Crapuchettes, Marni Baker-Stein, Cheryl Oldham, Jaime Fall, John Farrar