A New Era of Career Services – Is it Finally Here?

Andy Chan (Wake Forest University), Steven Partridge (Northern Virginia Community College), Michael Collins (JFF), Pyeper Wilkins (Dallas College), and Michael Betz (McKinsey & Company) explore A New Era of Career Services – Is it Finally Here? At the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.Career services used to represent a building on campus where students go, rifle through flyers or click through alumni job boards, do resume workshops, and meet with counselors who may or may not have much more knowledge than Google and job boards as a resource. But there are some schools where this image has been for the most part, shattered – where career services is not just a place, but is a part of the student experience and academic program from day one and a critical lever for driving equity and economic mobility. In addition, COVID has highlighted the need and provided an opportunity for higher education institutions to reimagine how career services is done and particularly for students who have less social capital and are traditionally underserved. Our panelists will speak to the career services innovations underway in their organizations as well as those they believe will be (and need to be) coming on the horizon.