AD Family Engagement is More Important Than Ever

Max Tuchman (Caribu), Omowale Moses (MathTalk), Jessica Toh (Huckleberry), and Jacqueline "Kiki" Bispo (Vista Unified School District) explore A.D. Family Engagement is More Important Than Ever at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.Experts have long known that educating a child requires the collaboration of a complex set of stakeholders from families to teachers to community members. The pandemic brought such concepts into high relief, and we are now on the cusp of huge growth in family and parent engagement tools. Hear from our panel, leading the way in this space. Vanguard tools include the evidence-based reports of Parent Powered, Caribu’s interactive calls for children and families, Huckleberry’s AI-produced sleep reports for use with the entire family, and Mathtalk’s curriculum inspiring adults and kids, particularly those in economically distressed communities. Hear how schools and teachers can adopt these latest trends in technology—and more-- to incentivize and increase the effectiveness of family outreach.

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