A Childcare Crisis Exacerbated by COVID

COVID has exacerbated challenges in the U.S. around childcare. Today, on average U.S. families spend about 10% of their income on childcare and in many states, families pay more for child care than for mortgages and higher education. The modern family has evolved and so has their needs with 66% of households having 2 working parents and 20% as single moms. Today, in the wake of school closures and increased financial instability resulting from the COVID crisis, parents are desperate for a solution. In this conversation, moderated by GSV partner, Julia Stigltiz, we deep dive further into this crisis and what can be done now to mitigate it.

Moderator: Julia Stiglitz

Panelists: Sara Mauskopf, Natalie Renew, Chelsea Sprayregen, Elizabeth Harz, Brian Tobal