A 2020 Phenomenon: What Will "Learning Pods" Mean for K-12 Education in 2020 and Beyond?

As most students across the country begin school in a fully remote or hybrid setting, parents are preparing (or panicking) after experiencing a difficult and often chaotic home / work / learning environment in the spring. So many parents are looking for help that a new phenomenon has developed: learning pods - a small group of students who will learn together under the care of an educator or other qualified adult. In some cases, the students are receiving supervision of their public school remote learning plan, while in others, parents are moving to a private option.

This phenomenon, and the concerns it raises, form a microcosm of the debates that have been ongoing for years about our K-12 system. How do we ensure equity? Who might be getting left behind? How do we address SEL needs? Are students in an environment that enables learning? How do we ensure that each student develops rich relationships with their teacher and peers to facilitate learning? And so many more.

Join our panelists to hear how they’re addressing and/or facilitating this new learning structure for students and families.

Moderator: Linda Jacobson


Chris Bennett

Mike Teng

Stacey Wang

Debbie Medley

Aleesia Johnson