30-Year Overnight Successes Sure Take a Long Time… Charters, School Choice, and its Relatives

Choices in K-12 education have increased dramatically within the last 30 years. From Charter schools to micro schools and tutoring, innovative options have implications for the demand and supply of the education landscape – both students and educators. How does the nuances of the current moment question those initial assumptions from charter schools? Hear from Diane Tavenner (Co-Founder of My Point B), Amar Kumar (CEO of KaiPod Learning), Kimberly Smith (Founder + CEO of LearnerStudio), and Joe Connor (CEO of Odyssey). Take a front row seat at this panel from the 2023 GSV Leaders Summit moderated by Michael Horn, author of "From Reopen to Reinvent."

Leaders Summit is a gathering of leaders across the "Pre-K to Gray" learning and skills landscape. In 2023, education innovators met in Nashville, Tennessee for striking conversations about the future of digital learning and workforce skills in a dynamic, rapidly changing global landscape.