Vriti Saraf

Vriti Saraf

Founder; Co-Founder

k20 Educators; Ed3 DAO

Vriti Saraf (@vritisaraf), the founder of k20 Educators (@k20educators), is building the Eduverse on web3, a metaverse space for educators to connect, collaborate, learn, and earn. She is also the co-founder of Ed3 DAO (@Ed3DAO), the first DAO for educators, by educators, and owned by educatrs. Vriti's goal is to break down silos among educators through web3. Her free newsletter, Metaverse for Education, contextualizes web3 for educators. Vriti has served as a teacher, dean, & director in public, private, & charter schools both locally & internationally across k12 & higher education.

Monday, April 4, 2022

3:50 pm
4:30 pm

Bleeding Edge: e*verse - Games, Web3 and Metaverse

Harbor B, Level 2

Learning Communities in Web3: can Edtech Lead Web3 Innovation?