Tanya Gamby

Director of Health and Wellness

Human Systems

Tanya Gamby Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and Director of Health and Wellness at Human Systems. Dr. Gamby has over 25 years experience working in integrated health care, community mental health centers and educational settings. She is the co-owner and clinical director of Autism Services Kaua’i. Dr. Gamby is the Past-President of the Hawaii Psychological Association and has spent many years serving on state and local mental health boards and advisory panels on initiatives to integrate the educational, medical and behavioral care communities. Dr. Gamby’s work adopts a systems perspective, using best practice therapeutic interventions with an emphasis on the interconnectedness of physical and mental health to the broader systems they exist within. With growing technological developments, connecting individuals to communities, to environmental systems, and to healthy practices are urgent needs, especially in light of the increased rates of loneliness and mental health declines.