Sara Vispoel

Chief Assessment and Learning Officer


Sara Vispoel, Ph.D., is the Chief Assessment and Learning Officer at Finetune. After starting off as a high school biology teacher and seeing how impactful assessments were to her students, she went back to school and earned her Ph.D. in Educational Measurement and Statistics so that she could help assure these tests were of as high quality as possible. She worked in senior management overseeing test development teams and leading assessment design for 17 years at ACT. Sara and her teams designed tests and learning material across grade 3-PS, college entrance, workforce, and noncognitive domains. Dr. Vispoel has worked both nationally and internationally developing educational standards (CCSS, consulted on NGSS), executing alignment studies, creating performance level descriptors/standard settings, as well as interpretive tools and integrated approaches to teaching and learning. Now she works at Finetune bringing principled design, learning science, and psychometric best practice and integrating those directly with the latest AI to create leading edge AI-enabled content development and tagging tools.