Rob English

Creative Director

Human Systems

Rob English is a cultural change specialist. Starting his career in advertising he learned the mechanics of brand architecture and audience development while working on Fortune 500 brands including Volkswagen, Vitamin Water, Reebok and Google. Specializing in brand strategy and storytelling, he has a proven passion for creative that can penetrate rapidly evolving verticals such as entertainment, fashion and tech. Lifestyle focused advertising soon lead Rob to leave the traditional ad space and begin working directly with music artists and cultural figures on a multitude of creative endeavors. It was here that he began creative directing for artists like Lady Gaga and John Legend. In 2016 Rob joined Ty Stiklorius to found the artist management company Friends At Work as well as the strategy and storytelling firm THE WORK, to bring lifestyle and entertainment insights to artists, brands and impact initiatives. Focusing on issues such as the future of learning and criminal justice reform