Rajen Sheth


Kyron Learning

Rajen Sheth is CEO and Founder of Kyron Learning, a public benefit company focused on giving all students equitable access to high quality one-on-one teaching using AI. Previously, Rajen was VP of Google Cloud AI and Industry Solution as part of a 17 year career at Google. He focused on building products that enable enterprises to transform themselves through AI, and building transformative products for Google Cloud’s key industries: healthcare, retail, financial services, media/entertainment, and manufacturing. Earlier on, Rajen led the development of Android and Chrome for business and education, including the Android for Work products, the Chromebooks for Education product line, and Chromebooks and Chrome browser for work. Rajen also helped create and lead product development for Google Apps for Work and Education (now known as GSuite), a full suite of communication and collaboration products for businesses which is now used by over 5 million businesses. He brings more than 20 years