Jonathan Teske

Meta’s former Future of Education Lead

Jonathan Teske is a teacher, entrepreneur, and expert on bridging the gap between the future of immersive learning and today’s classrooms. Formerly part of Meta's Education Modernization team, he built Project Spark, a cross-disciplinary STEM and PBL-based product from idea stage to an acquisition by Discovery Education. In 2021, Jonathan transitioned into the Future of Education Lead, where he established Meta’s foundational go-to-market strategy for VR Education by creating external content and research partnerships while unifying internal product, sales, and marketing teams under one cohesive and integrated business strategy for the US K-12 market.

Before his career in the technology sector, Jonathan served as an ESL teacher for 10 years in Montgomery County, MD, where he led classrooms, teams, and schools developing and implementing multiple projects centered on supporting multilingual learners. He now dedicates his time to solving problems at the nexus of XR and education, focusing on ensuring that new technologies can effectively and equitably support all students and educators.

Jonathan holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and a Master of Business Administration, from the University of Maryland, College Park.