Jennifer Lee

Chief Growth Officer

Photomath, Inc.

Jennifer Lee is the Chief Growth Officer at Photomath, where she is responsible for developing and managing the execution of Photomath's business strategy. Prior to joining Photomath, Jennifer spent over 14-years in the investing world, including time as a Principal at Learn Capital, where she worked on investments in Coursera, Photomath, GeniusPlaza, SoloLearn, VIPKID, and MentorCollective.  Previously, Jennifer was an independent consultant for ImpactAssets, where she helped establish a seed-stage investment platform for their donor-advised funds. She also worked as VP at Developing World Markets, a fund manager focused on inclusive financial institutions in emerging markets.  There she led investments in 17 countries, managed the Asia/Middle East team, and helped conceive and execute the investment strategy for that region.  Jennifer started her career at Lehman Brothers, as the strategist for the US Treasury, Treasury Futures, and Swaps markets. She has Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Management Science from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Jennifer is also a Kauffman Fellow.