World's Top Negotiation and Revenue Leaders, Chris Voss and Mark Roberge, at ASU+GSV!

March 15, 2022

Whether you’re looking to grow your business, bolster sales, or develop tactics for savvy negotiation, the ASU+GSV Summit has the voices, platform, and resources you need. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Chris Voss and Mark Roberge have joined the growing ASU+GSV lineup.

About Chris Voss

Chris is known as “The Master Negotiator”. A title earned throughout his time serving as the lead Crisis Negotiator for the New York City Division of the FBI, and then as the lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI where he helped develop the skills still used today across FBI hostage negotiators. He proceeded to teach business negotiation at USC, Georgetown, and Harvard business schools. In 2008, Chris founded The Black Swan Group, which specializes in teaching you how to never leave money on the table by using hostage negotiation techniques. In May 2016, he published the national best-seller “Never Split The Difference: Negotiation As If Your Life Depended On It” to teach people everywhere how to apply these life-changing hostage negotiation techniques in their daily lives. He is proficient in negotiating with real terrorists, giving him plenty of context to help in the corporate world, where companies seem to get legally taken hostage all the time.

Join Sales Impact Academy CEO, Paul Fifield, in a fireside chat at ASU+GSV with master negotiator Chris Voss, who will share some of the most important takeaways he’s learned over the years as the FBI's lead international hostage negotiator.

About Mark Roberge

Mark is the former Chief Revenue Officer at HubSpot, where he scaled annualized revenue from $0 to $100 million. He is currently an advisor to HubSpot, a best-selling author, a professor at Harvard Business School, and the managing director of Stage 2 Capital.

Taking his experience at HubSpot as an example, Roberge will be talking with Paul Fifield, CEO of Sales Impact Academy, to present modern frameworks for large organizations increasing the success of expansion into new markets or product offerings.

In this ASU+GSV session, Mark Roberge, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, co-founder of Stage 2 Capital, and former Chief Revenue Officer at HubSpot, will present modern frameworks for large organizations increasing the success of expansion into new markets or new product offerings.  He will use the methods used by HubSpot as they expanded from marketing software into the CRM category as an example to illustrate the frameworks.

Don't miss these incredible speakers at ASU+GSV 13.0, April 4-6, 2022.