Famed VC John Doerr to Keynote ASU+GSV + Free Copy of Speed & Scale

January 12, 2022

Our mission at the ASU+GSV Summit is for ALL people to have equal access to the future, but to achieve that, we must ensure we have one.

The two greatest threats to the future of civilization? Climate change and education inequality.

We believe that the collective education community can have an outsized impact on creating a sustainable and flourishing planet — our impact can come from global teaching, learning, and acting.

Fresh off the success of his latest book, Speed & Scale, John will take Stage X for a keynote on his findings, outlook, and plan to tackle climate change. John is at the critical intersection of climate, education, and venture. His work perfectly encapsulates this year’s “Ed on the Edge” programming — innovating to combat the existential threats of climate change and education inequality.

Hear from a leading voice for change AND score a copy of John's transformational book, Speed & Scale: An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now. Register Today!