Power of Women

Krista Endsley

Chief Executive Officer


Krista Endsley is the CEO of LINQ a company providing software solutions that enable K-12 school administrators to delight their staff parents and students. Krista also served as the former CEO for Abila and Cantata Health and has more than 25 years of experience leading teams in the software industry for both large and mid-sized companies. While at Abila Krista led the company through three acquisitions and three new product launches. She grew the business from $30M to $80M over three years which eventually led to a successful exit to industry leader CommunityBrands.Krista’s leadership blends analytical acuity with a warmth and determination to foster emergent talent leadership and creativity in every individual. Her employees and business partners describe her leadership style as inspiring enthusiastic driven compassionate and fair.When not working she is part of the Board of Directors at MemberSuite a late stage VC-backed company that provides solutions for association management and events. She is also on the Board of Directors for Allies Against Slavery a non-profit helping to stop the sex trafficking industry.