Power of Women

Anupama Vaid

President & Founder


Anupama (Anu) Vaid is the visionary, Founder and President of ParentSquare. Anu came up with the idea for ParentSquare during a sabbatical when her children were young, recognizing the need to enhance the parent experience in school communications. She holds a degree in Computer Engineering.Anu and her husband, Sohit, CEO of ParentSquare, started ParentSquare in 2011. They spent the first few years developing the platform based on school needs and gaining industry insights. The company expanded its team in 2014, alongside securing its first round of funding and partnering with schools beyond their hometown of Santa Barbara. Since then, ParentSquare has has been growing. They recently acquired, Remind, one of the largest free services in education used in over 80% of public schools and by 60% of teachers in the U.S. Together they serve over 18M student families on their paid platform.