The Education Innovation Showcase, emceed by Darryl McDaniels and presented by ClassIn, powered by ASU+GSV and LEAP Innovations will honor K-12 education system leaders advancing innovation in their community and fostering meaningful change at the systems level. We invite applicants from around the globe to submit their visionary ideas and actions for a chance to be one of 10 finalists who receive complimentary registration and hotel accommodations to the 14th ASU+GSV Summit. At the Summit, we will celebrate the impact of all finalists, and during the live Showcase Event, the final three will be announced and invited to share their ideas, with the winners taking over $50,000 in home cash and prizes! We know that education leaders innovate every day, and the Showcase is the opportunity to share advancements and ideas in pursuit of equal access to the future for all.
What is the ASU+GSV Education Innovation Showcase & Award?
We are a nonprofit/university partner who serves K12 students, runs our non-profit out of a K12 school, or partners with K12 schools. Can we apply?
When is the application due?
What is the framework for evaluation?
Is the prize money a grant? Does it have any stipulations on how it can be used?
If the change work we’re doing is systems-wide, or statewide, can we apply or does it have to be an individual school?
When will I know if I’m one of the 10 finalists and invited to participate in the ASU+GSV Summit?
If I entered the last Educator Showcase (in 2020) or previously presented at the ASU+GSV Summit, can I still apply?
Who should apply?
What if our innovation is pretty low-tech? Can we still apply?
What is required for the application?
What are the benefits of applying for the Education Innovation Showcase?
Can I know who reviewed my application?
If we’re still in the midst of our idea or project, and have not seen the impact all the way through, can we still apply?
What are the major dates for the Education Innovation Showcase finalists?
Who are the sponsors of the ASU+GSV Education Innovation Showcase?