What Higher Ed Instructors Need AD From Digital Learning Providers

Connie Johnson (Colorado Technical University), Elgrie J. Hurd III (Dallas College), Jill Buban (Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions), Erin Lynch (Winston Salem State), and Kristen Fox (Tyton Partners) explores What Higher Ed Instructors Need. A.D. From Digital Learning Providers at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.Over the course of the pandemic, instructors, course designers, and institutional leaders worked to quickly pivot to integrate digital teaching and learning techniques into their courses. Instructors rushed to adopt new digital tools and experiment with new instructional approaches. This herculean effort created significant silver linings and benefits for learners and instructors, who saw unexpected benefits. However, it also exposed gaps including access and implementation challenges that need to be urgently addressed by suppliers and institutions. Tyton Partners has been monitoring instructor adoption of digital course materials since 2015, through Time for Class. During 2020 and 2021 over 11,000 faculty at more than 2,000 institutions have shared their experiences and preferences for instruction, course challenges, and use of digital tools. Using this as a jumping off point, in this session we will focus on: - How instructors and institutions are selecting, implementing and using digital learning materials and how this is changing;- Where current tools in the market are falling short and opportunities to better support instructors emerging needs;- How we can better build and implement tools that support equitable teaching.