Ready to Work - Getting the Right Skills to the Right People

Phil Baty (Chief Knowledge Officer, Times Higher Education), Jawahir Morarji (Managing Director, Enterprise, Emeritus), Raghav Gupta (Managing Director, India and APAC,Coursera), Stacey VanderHeiden Güney (Manager of Global Learning Platform, Content, and Tools, ArcelorMittal) and Ankit Aggarwal (Founder & CEO, Unstop) discuss preparing Indian workers for the workplace at the GSV+Emeritus India Summit.While North America and Europe are facing massive worker shortages, India has a surplus of workers; however, the workers don't have the skills the economy needs. Workforce training is a critical, emerging and underpenetrated space in India. Major companies, global education companies, and Indian startups are all working to address the issue. Attend this panel to hear about the solutions they are building.