KaizenEDU -- The New World of Learning@Work

The entry of C-suite executives from other tech sectors to the corporate learning space, like Adam Medros from edX and Kevin Johnson from Udemy, bring new perspective to learning delivery in the enterprise. Experienced learning executives from startups Degreed and Axonify have shaken up the market with their unique offerings and longtime leader Pearson continues to hone its products for the corporate market. Combined they will offer a provocative discussion about the changing dynamics of learning in the workforce.

Moderator: Paul Freedman, Founding Partner and CEO of Entangled Ventures

Panelists/Participants: Adam Medros, President + COO, Edx, Kevin Johnson CEO, Udemy, former CEO of Ebates, Carol Leaman, CEO, Axonify, Leah Jewell, Managing Director, Employability Solutions, Pearson, David Blake, Founder, Degreed