K12 Program Education Without Representation?

The advent of AI, facial and voice recognition, and other “smart” technologies provide a stark illustration of the impact of a homogenous tech workforce as efficacy tests of these technologies repeatedly reveal their bias for white, male users. But how do we see the impact that a homogenous education workforce has on our students? A child’s educational experience is shaped and influenced by a myriad of forces - from teachers to district leaders to curriculum developers to education technology funders, and everyone in between. This panel will discuss the impact that representation - and a lack of it - has on student outcomes, and explore how the education ecosystem can respond to increase diversity and ensure the system represents all the students it serves.

Moderator: Dr. Deborah McGriff - Former Managing Partner, New Schools Venture Fund

Panelists/Participants: Carmita Semaan - Founder and President, Surge Institute; Andrea Zayas - Deputy Chief Academic Officer, Boston Public Schools; Mawi Asgedom - CEO, Mawi Learning Vincent Cobb II - CEO, The Fellowship and Co-Founder, Black Male Educators Convening