Future of Work for Frontline Workers

Bryan Hancock, McKinsey partner, will moderate a panel on the implications of the future of work for HR, talent and leadership in Fortune 500 companies, with a focus on frontline workers.


Gayatri Agnew, Walmart

Chris Layden, SVP of Manpower North America

Van Ton-Quinlivan, CEO of Futuro Health

Brian Napack, President and CEO of Wiley.

What do employers want and need in their frontline workers and how is this changing post-COVID? How are companies better connecting frontline workers to new opportunities through training and matching? This panel will explore leading perspectives from across manufacturing, healthcare, and retail on how to engage the whole learner, on breaching the last-mile to productive work, on enabling tools and data across industries to support workers and companies in meeting their goals, all with an emphasis on the frontline industry worker.  Join the McKinsey’s talent service-line leader as he speaks with industry talent leaders on innovative new approaches to workforce development.