FoT@PreK-12 Panel: Paradigm Shift: Reinventing the High School Transcript

The traditional high school transcript has a stranglehold on pedagogy, learning design and students' entire experience of K-12 education; both public and private. Amid growing consensus on the need to broaden the way K-12 schools define student success and the ways they help students develop competencies beyond traditional academics, high schools and colleges are rethinking the nature and role of the high school transcript. In this panel, leaders from the Mastery Transcript Consortium and related initiatives will describe this growing national effort and its potentially profound impact on high school design and college admissions.

Moderator: Roneeta Guha, Senior Researcher, Learning Policy Institute

Panelists: Stacy Caldwell, Executive Director, Mastery Transcript Consortium; Andy Calkins, Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges; Mike Flanagan, Chief Product Officer, Mastery Transcript Consortium