FoT@HigherEd Panel: Reality Check - What Fosters Innovation on Campus?

What factors foster or impede innovation in higher education?  How much does innovation depend on vision, institutional leadership, campus culture, and a clear ROI for the investment?  How resistant is higher ed to innovation because of a generic resistance to change, decentralized decision-making, immature technologies, unproven benefits, or the (sometimes uncertain) financial and operational costs of deployment? This candid conversation about innovation will draw on the 100-plus years of aggregated panel member experience creating, purchasing, and evaluating innovations for higher education.

Moderator: Casey Green, Founding Director, The Campus Computing Project

Panelists: Ray Henderson, Principal, Lessons Learned Ventures, LLC; John Rome, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Arizona State University; Allison Salisbury, President, Entangled Studios; Gregg Scoresby, CEO, CampusLogic; James Willey, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Ellucian