David Harris

David Harris

Editor in Chief

OpenStax/Rice University

David Harris is a graduate of the University Connecticut and has worked extensively in higher education publishing. During his long career David has served in a range of leadership roles allowing him to collaborate with the best authors editorial groups and media development teams in the industry. Prior to joining OpenStax David was the president of WebAssign. At OpenStax David leads efforts to improve access to high-quality materials by working with authors developers and partners to substantially lower costs for students. During his tenure he has led the development of more than 45 and counting that have saved students over $1 billion since 2012. As OpenStax continues to expand David has been instrumental in identifying key areas of growth and improvement in leading OpenStax to a sustainable future through the development of the OpenStax ecosystem program.

Monday, April 4, 2022

3:50 pm
4:30 pm

On Razor’s Edge: Higher Education Trends and Themes

Harbor A, Level 2

Show Your Work: Protecting academic integrity in an online environment