Power of Women

Kate Eberle Walker



With more than 20 years of success managing, advising, and investing in high-profile education companies, Kate is recognized in the education industry for building value and valuation -- through big-impact strategic acquisitions, leading-edge technical innovation, and visionary cultural transformation. Kate spent her first decade in the education industry leading M&A and investments for Kaplan. She then made her first move into the C-suite as CEO of The Princeton Review and Tutor.com. Currently, she is the CEO of Presence, the leading provider of teletherapy solutions for children with diverse needs. The company’s growing network of 2,000+ clinicians has delivered more than 5 million teletherapy sessions to students across 45 states.

She has served on several education-focused boards, including Babbel, Barnes and Noble Education, Prospect Schools, Rosetta Stone, and Testing Mom. Kate is a contributor at Fast Company and Forbes, and she is the author of The Good Boss: 9 Ways Every Manager Can Support Women at Work, which provides a blueprint for managers to create inclusive working environments for women. In 2020 she was named in the Lancer Group’s Top 25 Women in PE-Backed Software Companies.