Power of Women

Kat Kennedy

President & CXO


Kat Kennedy is President & CXO of Degreed, a company dedicated to changing the way we all develop our skills, build our expertise, and grow our careers. Degreed is valued at over $1.4B. In 2020 alone, Degreed more than doubled its active user base and increased its team by 50%, to 600 employees, across six continents.

Kat Kennedy is a problem solver, passionate about making great products that help people lead more productive lives. Kennedy has been instrumental in driving Degreed’s growth, shaping its product and culture, and deepening its client relationships. Her career path at Degreed — from lead front-end developer to Chief Product Officer and now to President and CXO — underpins Degreed’s focus on talent development and mobility. In her new role, Kennedy partners closely with Degreed’s customers to accelerate innovation and ensure their ability to quickly reallocate talent to the most critical strategic priorities.