Who attends the ASU+GSV Summit?

We expect Learning and Workforce technology CEOs from across the globe, investors representing $5 trillion in assets, PreK-12 leaders, Higher Education leaders, Chief Learning and Talent Officers, Policy Makers and Foundation Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs and many more leading minds.

When is ASU+GSV 2020?

ASU+GSV 2020 will be a virtual event held over 5 days: September 29 - October 1, 7& 8. Hours each day are:

September 29 - 10:00AM PST – 5:00PM PST
September 30 - 10:00AM PST – 5:00PM PST
October 1 - 10:00AM PST – 5:00PM PST

October 7 - 10:00AM PST - 2:00PM PST
October 8 - 10:00AM PST – 5:00PM PST

How can I attend ASU+GSV 2020?

ASU+GSV 2020 is a virtual event and is free to all. Register here. We encourage you to share this opportunity with your colleagues.

What networking opportunities will be offered at the ASU+GSV 2020 Virtual Summit?

We have a wide array of options for all virtual attendees including:

1:1 Matches and Happy Hours: Pick groups based on your interests and meet other attendees "speed date" style on Run the World. Get your list of contacts and who you met after each session!

Group Networking: Build mutually beneficial relationships in specific group-to-group meetings. Founders, meet your next investor or future teammates. Companies, meet educators and workforce leaders who you can collaborate with. Investors, look out for the next big thing in the EdTech space (bonus opportunities to meet over 200 GSV Cup companies)

Debates & Charettes: Discuss difficult "hot topics" and questions of the COVID-era and the future ahead with experts and other attendees

Engage with Speakers: Ask your questions to speakers and panelists in real time or submit one ahead of time on FlipGrid.

Office Hours & Salons: Longer sessions where you can ask experts, panelists and speakers anything! Group-focused salons to learn best practices, whether you’re a founder, investor or educator navigating these unprecedented times.

Relax & Refresh: Daily breaks with instructor led Yoga and Dance Classes, Music and Wellness Checks and a Film Festival! Bonus "Children's Hour" for all you parents out there!

Where is the program agenda for ASU+GSV Summit Virtual Summit?

You can view the entire agenda here. You must be registered to add program sessions to your calendar. Register here for free.

What is ASU+GSV 2020/21 Membership?

ASU+GSV 2020/21 membership is granted to ALL 2020 ticket holders. If you are not a 2020 ticket holder, you may still purchase a new membership by clicking here.

ASU+GSV 2020/2021 Membership includes:
2020 ASU+GSV  Virtual Summit
Sep 29 - Oct 1, 7 & 8, 2020

2021 In-Person Summit
A ticket to ASU+GSV Summit
April 19 - 21, 2021, San Diego, CA

2020/2021 Members Only Access

  • Member only events
  • VIP Meet & Greets
  • “Hot Topic” Debates
  • Ask Me Anythings (AMAs)
  • LinkedIn Innovation Certificate
  • Lifetime Chapter Forums

Price: Not for profit Attendee: $1,200*, Attendee: $3,355

*You are required to provide a 501c3 number. Please select the NFP attendee type and enter in your 501c3 number or identification number. Should you need any further assistance, please contact kerry@gsv.com.  The NFP rate applies to public institution employees, NFP employees, Educators and Students.

I was registered for the ASU+GSV 2020 live event, what happens next?

You receive 2020/2021 membership with all of the membership benefits listed above. Your 2020 registration was transferred to our virtual event platform and you should have received an email confirming this transfer. If you did not, please contact kerry@gsv.com to resolve.

I had a hotel reservation for the 2020 event. What do I do?

If you were registered at the Hyatt, the Hyatt team in San Diego will transfer your reservation automatically to the 2021 event. If you wish to cancel your hotel reservation, they will refund your reservation and no one will be billed a cancellation fee.  When you receive your modified confirmation email from the Hotel, with your new dates of stay for 2021, at that point, you will have an option to select “cancel reservation”.  After selecting this, you should expect a refund of the deposit in 7-10 business days and a copy of the folio will be sent to the email on file.  If you wish to modify your dates of stay for 2021, you will also have this option through your modified confirmation email that you receive.  You will continue to have the ability to modify and/or cancel your reservation for 2021 up to thirty (30) days prior to arrival.

If you are a scholarship recipient and were registered at The Wyndham, Your hotel reservations will not be transferred to 2021. New hotel reservations will need to be made. Please watch for further communication from us on booking your room.

Is the GSV Cup still happening? Where can I watch the company presentations?

Yes, bootstrapped, pre-seed and seed stage companies will compete virtually for $250K of non-dilutive capital, $150K of Google Cloud credits, and the GSV Cup presented by Google Cloud, Holon IQ, Brand Capital International, and GSV Ventures. The presentations will be available to view on demand through the summit website during the week of the ASU+GSV Summit and the three finalists will pitch live during the award ceremony on October 1, 2020.

I have a complimentary registration through one of the ASU+GSV scholarship programs. Will my registration be transferred to the new dates?

Your existing registration will automatically transfer to the 2021 dates and you have received a ticket to the 2020 virtual event. Your hotel and airfare will be rebooked. If you will not be able to attend ASU+GSV 2021, please reach out to Michael Kassa or Tanya Nieto-Winzey.

Who can I contact about my…

Registration: Kerry Rodeghero
Scholarship: Tanya Nieto-Winzey or Michael Kassa
Program Participation: Claire Zau or Amanda Porter
GSV Cup Entry: Molly Rowe
Sponsorship: Michael Kassa
Please allow for 24 hours to respond to your request

What are future dates for the ASU+GSV Summit?

The ASU+GSV Summit will be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, California on the following dates:

April 19-21, 2021
April 4-6, 2022
April 17-19, 2023
April 15-17, 2024
April 7-9, 2025