Yan (Sara) Gu



Sara (Yan) Gu is a Co-Founder and COO of ClassIn. As Chief Operating Officer, Sara oversees ClassIn's marketing, operation and sales initiatives, building the startup from zero to a sector-defining brand. As of March 2023, ClassIn enables hybrid and blended learning for more than 50 million students with its Virtual Classroom, courseware management, LMS and IoT products. Compared to traditional LMS and video solutions, ClassIn is designed to better facilitate competency-based learning. Its in-class and asynchronous modules are seamlessly interoperable, bridging the data gap between instruction and self-direction. With 1,000 team staff in 6 countries, today's ClassIn is a globally recognized edtech unicorn backed by tier-one investors.Prior to founding ClassIn, she was an investor at The CID Group, where she led the investment and successful exit of Ambow Education (NYSE: AMBO), Everlearn Group, Alo7, and Sanyu Schools.Sara holds a Master's in Transportation Management and Planning and a Bachelor's in International Shipping Management, both from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Having completed multiple half-marathons, she's a life-long runner—with the same passion, she's enabling learning to be life-long as well.