Yael Kaufmann

Yael Kaufmann

Co-founder & COO

Learn In

Yael Gilboa Kaufmann is Co-founder & COO of Learn In, the first talent-building platform designed for companies to solve every barrier that stands in the way of creating tomorrow's workforce. She is an investor turned operator and lifelong learner who believes that learning neither begins nor ends with a degree. Yael believes that to inclusively uplevel the workforce for tomorrow's needs, today's choices of on-the-fly microlearning, misaligned degrees, or the revolving door of hiring and firing, are destined to fall short. That's why she created Learn In, together with the founders of Degreed and backed by leading future-of-work VCs, to solve the challenge of upskilling with a platform to identify talent-building goals, access flexible financing, select skill-based programs, and measure outcomes.Yael began her career as an investor in pri­vate equity, and was an impact investor and fintech entrepreneur prior to co-founding Learn In. Yael earned her MBA from Har­vard Busi­ness School, her BS in Math­e­mat­ics and Finance from the Col­lege of William & Mary, and her passion for education from a decade of teaching and tutoring.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


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